What is Solid State Physics? An Introduction


Solid state physics is something which is not all about particles. It is actually study of the property of bulk matters/solids. It is considered as a branch of condensed matter physics. It studies large scale properties of rigid body from the properties of atomic level. Quantum Mechanics, Crystallography etc are the methods through which Solid state physics is explained. 

Solid State Physics Lecture

Without further discussion on the topic we can show you a video lecture on the topic-
Video Info: Its a lecture of a Japanese university- Keio University

The lecture is about Blue LED and Red LED. The lecture explain how different types of diodes and solar cells work. Beginners must get benefited from  this. 

What Are The Topics 
Crystal structure is an important topic of Solid State Physics. Different techniques are applied to find the structure of a crystal. Such as-
  • X-ray Crystallography
  • Neutron Diffraction
  • Electron Diffraction
It also discuss Bloch states, Electrical conduction, Electron Bands, Fermi Dirac Statistics, Perturbation theory and lot more things.

You also Can Read-

Modern Research 

Various researches are run by scientists on this topic. Spin glass, Nanomaterials, Quasicrystals etc are some of the most researched topics. 

There are conducting materials in this universe with high conductivity. There are insulators through which current is not conducted. The third type is really very important- the semiconductor. Electronics plays a big role in the world is based on this semiconductors. I have described it as I can. 

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