Einstein's Theory of Relativity Simplified


Theory of Relativity will be simplified in the discussion today. Newtonian mechanics and its formulas are well accepted before the introduction of this theory. Albert Einstein, the legend of Physics introduced a new theory in 1905, and another one in 1915. Scientists have no other option but accepting both the theories. Newtonian mechanics is limited according to this theory. 

Theory of Relativity- A Simplified Version

There are two distinct part of this theory-

  1. Special Theory of Relativity
  2. General Theory of Relativity
Time dilation, Length Contraction, Mass Energy relation- the famous relation E=mc2 are the theoretical child of the theory of relativity. The idea of space-time was introduced through this.
Theory of gravitation came from general theory of relativity. Without further boring discussion lets watch a video about this-
In this video the use of GPS is dicussed according to this theory. The global positioning system use it to locate the receivers position. You must have a smartphone which has GPS and Google map. You can move anywhere you want using this device. The calculation is made according to Einstein. Watch to learn it more clearly.

I fell it when I am on the train. It passed the other things even cars sometimes. A car which is not moving seems that it is moving in opposite direction with respect to me. This is the key concept of it. We will discuss both the theories and its postulated later on. Time expanding phenomenon and paradoxes related to this interesting theory is really enjoyable. Have a nice day guys and girls.

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