Quantum Physics Simplified- An Easy Discussion

Quantum Physics Simplified
Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Physics Simplified

Its a branch of physics which deals with the activity of light and matter in subatomic level. It can be more simplified- it is the mechanics for tiny particles. Classical Physics deals with macroscopic rigid bodies and other macroscopic things. But Quantum Mechanics deals totally with microscopic atoms and sub-atoms.

Quantum Physics is Something Peculiar

Our daily observation is undone in atomic level. The atoms don't follow the rules of Newtonian Mechanics. Its Physics which describes the way things happened in this world whether its  large bodies or, subatomic particles. 

History And Key Considerations: Matter has wavelike properties and Radiation has particle like properties(the opposite was well known fact). In the early years Physicists think that light consists of particles which is called corpuscles. Newton has a theory named- Corpuscular Theory of  Light. I guess you know about Young's Two Slit Experiment which shows that light has wave like properties. 
Further advancement and after a few experiments scientists had reached a conclusion that light has both the property of wave and particle which we called Wave particle Duality. 

E = hν
where E=Energy, h=Plank's constant ν=Frequency

This is the equation given my Max Plank. Here max Plank introduced the idea of quanta of light and its relation with frequency. The photoelectric effect was proposed. Einstein got Nobel prize not for explaining theory of Relativity, he got it for explaining the photo electric effect proposed by Max Plank. 

De Broglie's Hypothesis: Mr. Broglie proposed that every matter associated a wave- it includes you and me. He introduced an equation-

 λ = h/p

Here,  λ=wavelength, h=Plank's constant p=momentum. So, the higher the momentum the lower the wavelength. You know that momentum is the multiplication of mass and velocity. 
I am not good at Quantum Physics. You can get help from the video below-

I Hate Schrödinger

I really hate him. Whenever I have courses on quantum mechanics this name was there in almost every cases,  Schrödinger time dependent eauation, Schrödinger time independent equation, tunnel effect, Partial wave analysis- this annoying guy was everywhere. I just hate him from the deepest point of my heart. Every equation made by him is quite difficult to understand. But QM love him more than I can say.

I am going to end the article saying something about Uncertainty Principle. It was proposed by Heisenberg- Position and momentum of a particle can't be measured at the same time(Einstein probably don't like the idea). I don't know Quantum Mechanics is simplified in this article or, not. It is clear that its all about tiny particles. The world has many things to get from this branch of Physics. 
Our next article will be about Basics of Nuclear Physics. Stay in touch. 

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