Basics Of Nuclear Physics- Begginers Discussion

Nuclear Physics
Photo of a Nucleus

Nuclear Physics Basics

It is a branch of physics which deals with the nuclear phenomenon. Sometimes people misunderstand the term, they confuse with atomic physics. If you are a Physics student you already know that Nucleus is a part of atom. Atom=Nucleus+Electron. So, it indicate the tiny area in the center. All the things happen inside the nucleus are discussed.

Is Particle Physics The Same

You may call nuclear Physics as particle Physics sometimes. Because it deals with particles inside nucleus. Neutron, Proton and other tiny particles like quarks. Higgs Bosson  is a new addition to it. Nuclear interaction are governed by Strong Nuclear forces and weak nuclear forces. On Earlier article of this website we have discussed Simplified Quantum Physics, particle also have wave property and Nuclear Physics has co-relation with Quantum Physics also.

How Tiny Nucleus Is?

Naturally this question will arise on mind when you study about nuclear physics. Can you imagine a nucleus is 10000 times smaller than an atom. But there is a strong force active in nucleus which keep neutron and proton together. The energy of nucleus is 1000000 times larger than atomic energy. 

Atom Bombs Or Nuclear Bombs

According to Times of India atom Bombs are two types- type-1 depend on fission which is known as atom Bomb, the other one type-2 depend on fusion which is called Hydrogen Bomb. So, all the atom Bombs are actually Nuclear Bombs, but all nuclear Bombs are not called atom bombs

Probably we are going away from the topic. Let's watch a video to understand the basics of Nuclear Physics-

To understand nuclear phenomena we use the nuclear beams of particles. Rutherford, Chadwick, Yukawa and many more scientists are still working on this branch of physics. Share your thoughts here in the comment box below. Have a nice day with Physics.

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